Luna logistics


Luna Logistics - the common thread linking our stores and our customers

We work continuously on developing and optimising the logistics chain through automation and quick deliveries. This is why we can offer highly effective logistic services like delivery guarantees. The lion's share of orders today are received electronically. Either via the Internet portal Toolstore, where you can place an order yourself, monitor the deliveries and check the stock balance, or with the help of EDI.

It is very important to us to deliver the right goods, to the right place, at the right time. Clear proof of our success here is Luna's high delivery reliability (99.8 %) and the fact that we for example deliver the ordered goods within 24 hours in Sweden, to Europe it takes a couple of days longer. Furthermore, it has been proven that automation in combination with personal service is an unbeatable concept. This is something that we at Luna have known about for a long time and it is appreciated by our customers.